Proprietary research reports to drive efficient decision-making for business and transactions

  • Customized reports to address clients’ requirements such as niche industry research and detailed market assessment or competitor’s analysis
  • On-demand industry data and qualitative analysis for research enquiry

Valuation analysis for financial reporting, M&A or IPO in compliance with relevant rules and requirements of regulators and professional bodies

  • Business & intangible assets valuation, including machineries & equipment, biological assets and natural resources
  • Financial instruments valuation
  • Contingent assets and liabilities valuation
  • Expected credit loss measurement

Customized ESG report in compliance with rules, regulations and standards of Hong Kong Stock Exchange and regulators

  • A description of the issuer’s ESG governance;
  • Explain the reporting boundary and describe the process used to determine the boundary;
  • A description on how it applied certain Reporting Principles;
  • Report on each of the “comply or explain” provisions;
  • Independent assurance (optional); and
  • Key messages that the issuer aims to convey to investors and other stakeholders.